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Re: Componentized linux?

Ond?ej Surý dijo [Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 12:28:17PM +0100]:
> I think this goes farther then CDD, that proposal is about making base
> distribution smaller and making releases in each areas dependant only on
> "base" debian (lsb-1.3 in progeny).  For example if I have desktop with
> XF86 4.3 and gnome, then I don't care how much RC bugs has apache or
> postfix.  And when upstream makes new stable release of gnome 2.6 I
> don't have to wait for release of debian as whole, but only for new
> release of component 'gnome'.
> On other side, if I have server with mail services then I don't really
> care which version of gnome is in stable and how many bugs it has, but I
> do care if I had to wait several years for new release of Debian to have
> new release of my favourite MTA.
> I think that something like http://www.backports.org/ is more accurate
> to this.

Because we do have a deep and entangled dependency chain for many

I know that, say, most GNOME components will only depend on base and
on other GNOME components. But when you have GNOME components that are
made for accessing your database (once again, just as an example - I
am not a GNOME user), then you don't have cleanly separated sets
anymore. And then, you will find close-to-the-core GNOME components
depending on Mozilla (which will hopefully be on a different set) -
One more cross-relation. And if you keep searching, you will find many
more examples.

If we were to make componentized releases as soon as we got a fully
working and tested PostgreSQL release, problems will arise with users
of other sets - maybe gda2-postgres will break in the middle of its
stable lifetime. That's not what we are looking for in Debian.

And as soon as you mention desktop technologies sent to the server
side (Mono, Java servlets, whatnot), things will not get prettier.


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