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OpenAFS in UML

I'm trying to compile the OpenAFS kernel modules from the
openafs-modules-source package to use them inside UML but I'm stuck
with the ARCH=um parameter.

The README.modules of the openafs-modules-source package describes how
to generate a nice deb package containing the openafs kernel modules
on a "normal" system.

However, to build the user-mode-linux package from source (which you
have to do, as openafs-modules-source needs a kernel source tree, in
this case most probably the UML patched tree), you also need to pass
an ARCH=um parameter to make (i.e. UML is like another
architecture). Note that, to build the UML package, you don't (can't?)
use make-kpkg.

On the other hand, the README.modules file from the
openafs-modules-source package describes the make-kpkg approach where
I don't seem to be able to pass an ARCH=um parameter (so that ARCH
effectively becomes i386).

I don't know where exactly the ARCH=um comes into play, but I would
prefer having all modules compiled in a similar way (i.e. with the
same ARCH; Would it even be possible to just compile the openafs
modules for i386 and then just use them with UML?).

Did anyone already do this? I would think somebody already did this
before, but I didn't find much evidence ...


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