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Re: Cache-Control: max-age sent by apt might delay installation of security updates (was: apt experimental breaks w/ webcaching)

Il sab, 2004-02-28 alle 21:10, Marc Haber ha scritto:
> The problem that I see is the following: From what I have understood
> and tested, squid will not even ask the server addressed in the URL
> for a later version if the object in the local cache is younger than
> the max-age value given by the client.
> This means the following: If a client does apt-get update via a squid
> at time x, and Debian issues a security update at time x+10m, all
> clients using this squid instance and apt 0.5 will not get that
> security update until x+86400s, which might be 86399 seconds too late.

Unfortunately, this isn't even true. Please see bug #222499 on why squid
doesn't even consider max-age if the request type is 'HEAD'. And at
least apt-proxy does such requests. I must verify the kind of requests
done by apt.


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