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Re: Why is package X not in testing yet?

Richard B. Kreckel wrote:
> Why does the presence of a source package "cln" not
> override the whole irritation???

Because the script was buggy. Fixed now.

> I find this report even more irritating:
>   <http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=ginac>
> There it claims: "Updating ginac makes 1 packages uninstallable on alpha:
> ginac".  Huh?!?  Now it's talking about uninstallable source packages!?!

Yeah, that's a feature. The list of uninstallable packages can grow very long when all binaries are listed, making it hard to see which source packages are having problems. Someone asked me to filter the list and just show the source packages, so that's what the script currently does.

> Also, I could have sworn that last week one of these two packages (cannot
> tell which one) was marked as "is going in today".  Which hasn't happend
> so far!  Also, the mark has mysteriously vanished.

I can't comment on that, since I haven't seen the data (and I don't save old data). However you should keep in mind that my script doesn't draw its' own conclusions about why something is blocked or when it is going in. It only reformats the data that the 'katie' scripts produce.

If/when you doubt the correctness of the script's output, it's best to verify with the information straight from the source:

I welcome both bug reports and suggestions for improvement.

> Can somebody please enlighten me as to how to edge these two packages into
> testing?

It looks to me like they need to be manually hinted to go in together.


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