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Why is package X not in testing yet?


Is it just me and my packages or do other people find the output of that
script highly irritating as well?

Consider this report:

It says:
  * binary package cln is part of source package libcln2
  * libcln2 is only in testing (no unstable version)

Well, there used to be a binary package cln when I took over the package
from John Lapeyre way back in 1998.  In order to kick it out I had to
"replace" and "provide" it from the library package libcln.  What is
amazing is that now it complains "binary package cln is part of source
package libcln2".  Why does the presence of a source package "cln" not
override the whole irritation???

I find this report even more irritating:

There it claims: "Updating ginac makes 1 packages uninstallable on alpha:
ginac".  Huh?!?  Now it's talking about uninstallable source packages!?!

Also, I could have sworn that last week one of these two packages (cannot
tell which one) was marked as "is going in today".  Which hasn't happend
so far!  Also, the mark has mysteriously vanished.

Can somebody please enlighten me as to how to edge these two packages into

  .''`.  Richard B. Kreckel
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 `. `'   <kreckel@ginac.de>
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