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Re: Accepted localepurge 0.0.61 (all source)

Paul Seelig wrote:
>  localepurge (0.0.61) unstable; urgency=low
>  .
>    * Forgot to close the wishlist bug for switching to gettext-based
>      debconf templates by Martin Quinson fixed with the last upload.
>      (closes: #235491)
>  .
>    * Closing more bug reports:
>  .
>       - Explained via mail to bug reporter that localepurge's side effects as
>         described in it's documentation have to be considered when using it.
>         (closes: #228682)
>  .
>       - Due to a coding error localepurge used to be verbose about freed
>         space even when told not to. This has alread been fixed months
>         ago but i forgot closing this bug until now. (closes: #202302)

Paul, please limit your use of the changelog to documenting actual
changes made in the current release of your package. If you'd like some
documentation on how to close bugs without using the changelog, see

As far as I can see this "new" version of localepurge is 100% identical
to the old, and yet I now have to download it again, and waste disk
space with mentions of non-bugs such as #228682.

see shy jo

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