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Re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Colin Watson wrote:

> Adam, as far as I can tell you're *always* too busy to read e-mail. I
> remind you of the BTS move to spohr, which I mentioned on owner@bugs
> multiple times several weeks in advance; but the first you claimed to
> have heard of it was when you said something along the lines of "eh,
> what, why wasn't I told about this?" the very evening I was performing
> the move.
> Responsiveness with respect to dpkg is essential to the project.

owner@bugs isn't being filtered; at the time, I said I was sorry about

However, in this case, it was a just a plain email sent to doogie@debian.org.
There was no chance of a filter to process it.  If they would have sent it to
the maintainer(ie, the list), I would have seen it.

> > ps: Sometimes I take so long in doing dpkg uploads, not because I'm
> > busy or lazy, but because I want a large set of packages to upgrade
> > with apt, so that I can test out my new dpkg changes.
> snapshot.debian.net

That tests a fresh install, with no customizations to any configs.  Not quite
the same as testing a real installation.

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