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Re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

[Manoj Srivastava]
>  Umm. I tend not to blindly apply patches to my packages
>  either. Anyone can stick any tag on a report; the quality, and the
>  type, of change still needs to be reviewd.

Good.  I believe you share this attitude with most package
maintainers. :)

> 	Right now Sven Luther has a [patch] bug against
>  kernel-package, but I am not comfortable with the change, and I think
>  I have a better way of addressing the underlying issue. However,
>  until I have time to think through the ramifications of my way, and
>  to implement it, there is a bug sitting on the BTS with a tag
>  [patch].
> 	I would be very unhappy if there was an NMU implementing that
>  patch (I would, indeed, revert that NMU asap).

If your view on the patch already is in BTS, as a reply to the mail
supplying the patch, I would be very surprised if someone did an NMU
without furhter comments.

The problem is that there are lots of bugs in BTS with a patch and no
comment on the patch from the package maintainer.  These rightfully
increase the chance of NMUs.


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