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Re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

* Adam Heath <doogie@brainfood.com> [2004-02-27 20:53]:
> I see you sent me a *private* mail about.  That is not how you
> discuss dpkg.  I will not participate in any discussion about dpkg
> that isn't public.  If you want to discuss dpkg, then resend your
> mail publically.  I will  have *none* of these backdoor meetings.

Just a note about the "backdoor meeting" which was organized by me.
Wichert Akkerman was invited to a conference in Spain and I thought
this would be a good opportunity to discuss dpkg - both multi-arch
support as well as how more volunteers can get involved in dpkg as its
development has been very stale in the last few months.  Since the
meeting was arranged with Wichert, this is clearly not a "backdoor
meeting" or anything hidden; you were not invited because the meeting
was in Europe and airfare would have been quite expensive for Debian
to pay.

Unfortunately, the day before the conference, Wichert announced that
he could not come because of work related reasons.  Having invited
some people for the dpkg meeting already, we suggested a productive
compromise: Wichert would write down his thoughts about dpkg, and we'd
discuss them and write a summary.  The summary was posted to you in
private mail - I'd like to see it posted to the -dpkg list for public
discussion, but first Wichert has to post his summary.  I asked him in
private mail to do so, but it has not happened yet.  Once Wichert
forwards his message, Scott will post the summary from the meeting.

In any case, there was nothing secret about this meeting as you seem
to suggest.
Martin Michlmayr

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