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Re: Issues with Epoch


Evan Prodromou wrote:
> >>>>> "RE" == Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> writes:
>     RE> How did the ftp service barf? Any what the hell did it have to
>     RE> do with master?
> Sorry, sloppy thinking there. My understanding of the fun processes
> that happen after I upload a file is kind of weak, along the lines of:
>      * I upload a package.
>      * I get some reassuring automated email from somewhere that it
>        was the right thing to do.
>      * A few days later, the package shows up on unstable mirrors.

This is correct (although it is a few hours till 1 day)

> Anyways, here's the email I got. On second review, I think I might be

You obviously made something wrong. Did you look at gcc-defaults, myspell
or courier source package which does something like that?

Another example (which worked!) was my texpower package in a previous
version before I had to merge all the packages into texpower:

	dh_gencontrol -ptpmultiinc -u-v1:$(TPMULTIINC_VER)-7
	dh_gencontrol -pdvipslandscapeplus \

> able to route around the problem by building different *.changes
> files, and only uploading the source tarball in one of them. I hope.

That sounds bogus.


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