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Re: Need someone to take over two of my packages

Martin Michlmayr wrote:

* Patrick Ouellette <pouelle@debian.org> [2004-01-12 16:44]:
Seesat5 is a package I ported from DOS. There is no upstream other than myself and I have several major enhansements I would like to do on the package, but can not find both
I've been looking for a reason to get active on the ham sats.  I can
take a whack at Seesat5.  Forward you enhancement ideas and some might
even get implemented :-)

Patrick, you volunteered to take over seesat5 a month ago but so far
have not made an upload.  Can you please at least change the
Maintainer: so it's clear that you are now responsible for the
He and I have done one round of e-mails, but I never really got a commitment from him. I may have scared him off with my list, or maybe he just puked when he saw the code ;-)

This is a package that I brought to Debian way back when I joined up. I would really like a maintainer for it so I can begin to function as the upstream developer. The outstanding parser bug against this package hasn't been fixed because the only good way to fix it is to rebuild the parser. This requires reworking all the "command" subroutines and linking them to a lex/yacc parser. This is a major project for a package maintainer, as the packaging issues keep getting in the way of the big project...

Anyway, if Patrick is still out there, and still interested, drop me a line and let's talk.

Waiting is,


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