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Re: Issues with Epoch


Evan Prodromou wrote:
> packages. I tried making packages with different version numbers, and
> although they worked well, the ftp service on master barfed when it
> saw them.

Should work. Use -v to dpkg-/dh_genchanges. See how gcc does it for
example. Or myspell.

How did the ftp service barf? Any what the hell did it have to do with

> SO, I'm going to have all three packages with the same version number,
> instead. My problem, though, is that greg used to be distributed as
> its own package, and the version number for the old package (1.4) is
> higher than the version number for the gnustep-guile package (1.1.4).
> I think this calls for an epoch. However, I'm a little wary of this,
> since the other two packages will have to have an epoch, too
> (viz. problems with having different version numbers).
> Any advice? Is this a sane plan?

IMHO not.


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