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Re: udev uploaded to experimental

On Wed 25 February 2004 13:04, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Feb 24, Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> wrote:
>  >This is not really your fault since the current nvidia module does
>  > not create entries in /sys. So this must be done manually. Of
>  > course I could do that myself, but since it may affect quite a lot
>  > of people, would it be possible to check for a loaded module
>  > 'nvidia' and create above devices in the udev package? The only
>  > problem with this is that
> No way. If the nvidia driver is broken then please fix it.

There is already a patch the the nvidia driver that fixes this, search 
for "udev nvidia" on google and its one of the first links.

However, ive seen in mentioned, and i have the same problem that 
the /dev/tty* devices are not created, and thus there are no useable 
configs. I hacked my syslog.conf to output to /dev/vc/12 which works 
for that, but didnt look long enought at the inittab to fix the tty 
issue, is this a kernel or udev issue?


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