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P4 optimized Debian GNU/Linux?

It's been discussed before, but I never bothered to look into that,
since I didn't think I cared :)

Now, a friend of mine took the time to (more or less) manually recompile/
repackage/reinstall his Debian GNU/Linux woody box.

His word was "it WAY faster!". No numbers, just those three words. Got'a
mean something...

If I remember correctly from the last time I saw this subject come up,
the resolution was "no, we don't want that". I can't remember why, but
I don't care (unless it's changed :).

I've tried to install pbuilder, wanna-build and sbuild, but I can't figure
out how to use them to recompile the whole dist. Wanna-build looks 'dangerous'
(it seems to do DB lookups @ Debian GNU/Linux etc), and PBuilder can't even
generate the CHROOTs (neither for sid nor woody!).

So... Any ideas on how to do this in a more 'automatic' fashion for my own
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