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Re: Release update

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 05:15:42PM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> OK, so I started making an analysis of the RC bugs.
> (1) There are an awful lot of simple Depends/Build-Depends bugs.  Maintainers, 
> look at your packages, and if you have one of these, fix and upload it now.  
> Other people: if these sit around for a long time, it's a sign that the 
> maintainer isn't doing his job -- but NMU the package if you can.
> (2) There are a large number of RC bugs filed in Februrary.  I think 
> maintainers probably mostly need to be given a bit more time on these, so I 
> didn't look at them further.
> (3) There are a fair number of packages which have bugs with no maintainer 
> comment for over a month.  This is not good.  Maintainers: take a look at 
> your bugs!  QA: there may be some more needed forcible orphanings in here.
> These are just the ones I noticed; I may have missed some.  Also, I only got 
> to the letter d before wearing out.
> diasce2

  Looking at it this week.

  BTW, you have to take into account that people usually have real life
  issues that don't make them devote as much time to Debian as they'd


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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