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Re: Release update

OK, so I started making an analysis of the RC bugs.

(1) There are an awful lot of simple Depends/Build-Depends bugs.  Maintainers, 
look at your packages, and if you have one of these, fix and upload it now.  
Other people: if these sit around for a long time, it's a sign that the 
maintainer isn't doing his job -- but NMU the package if you can.

(2) There are a large number of RC bugs filed in Februrary.  I think 
maintainers probably mostly need to be given a bit more time on these, so I 
didn't look at them further.

(3) There are a fair number of packages which have bugs with no maintainer 
comment for over a month.  This is not good.  Maintainers: take a look at 
your bugs!  QA: there may be some more needed forcible orphanings in here.
These are just the ones I noticed; I may have missed some.  Also, I only got 
to the letter d before wearing out.

cl-sdl-opengl (bug 217857)

There's lots more further down, like... xemacs21 !

(4) Some packages are in bad enough shape that in my opinion they must not be 
released with sarge:
amavis-ng: Four outstanding unfixed RC bugs, including data loss.
cl-uncommonsql: Orphaned and dead upstream.

(5) Conclusion: Many maintainers are doing their jobs excellently.  
Unfortunately, a fair number of maintainers simply aren't bothering to deal 
with their RC bugs.  I don't know what the best course of action is.  Some 
combination of package removals, NMUs, orphanings, etc., I suppose.

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