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Re: Proposal for an advanced Debian-QA system

There is a ground problem for begin to work on my proposal and it is
well explained in this  post from Filippo Giunchedi on debian QA ml:

Il sab, 2004-02-21 alle 09:29, Matt Bonner ha scritto:
> I think the basic resistance you are getting--and will get with any 
> version of your
> idea--is that it takes work.  Somebody has to implement what you are 
> saying.  It
> is not clear from your posts whether you intend to do that work.  If you 
> implement
> something like what you describe, AND maintain it for a while, AND 
> people find it
> useful, THEN it will probably become part of Debian.

> As you appear to know, Debian is all volunteer.  Things get done because 
> someone
> volunteers to do them.  Who do you want to volunteer to do your idea?
> regards,
> Matt

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