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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

On Saturday 21 Feb 2004 7:24 am, Martin Loschwitz wrote:

> > I would agree with that. On the other hand it is worth thinking about the
> > question of whether Debian gets the accept/reject balance right.
> Yeah, because there were soooooooooooooooooo many rejections within the
> last months ...

Not the whole picture. How many people have not applied in the belief they 
will be rejected? How many people are friends or colleagues of people being 
rejected who now see Debian in a worse light? 

Who we encourage to become maintainers and who we accept determines the 
culture of Debian. If Debian starts to feel too top-heavy and autocratic then 
people will move to other distros and take their quite possibly valuable 
contributions with them.

> > I disagree. I don't think it is desirable that it be one person and they
> > be "consistent".
> It absolutely is.

Proof by assertion?

> James did *not* say "impatient", he said "ridiculously impatient". Not that
> this applies to Goswin, but to be honest, I don't feel like seeing people
> in the project who troll because their NEW package got not accepted within
> two days.

That is exactly the kind of semantic difference that makes this process appear 
foolish to me. Oh yeah, that guy is not just impatient, he is "ridiculously 
impatient". Oh OK, yeah let's can his application then.

> Reasons for rejection should be found individually and explained in an
> exhaustive way for every single case.

Maybe. But if we have firm ground on which to make a case - "well we don't 
normally accept people who do bla" then it does not seem like a personal 
slight so much.

> > 4. If the a committee member (or DAM) has a personal problem with a NM,
> > they should declare a conflict of interest and let some vice-DAM or vice
> > committee member take their place in that case.
> That's rubbish. There is nobody inside the project who has so much
> experience with judging others like James.

Please explain. If you're a judge, a lawyer or a politician and you have 
declare any conflicts of interest. It is only fair. James having experience 
of "judging others", whatever that means, does not make him infallible.

> >  - Do you believe the regular flamewars are a heinous waste of time and
> > need to stop?
> It's not my problem if people think they have enough time to start
> flamewars, is it?

It's Debian's problem, therefore I believe it is by extension every 
developer's problem.

> >  - Do you believe it is inevitable that these flamewars will occur?
> Andrew Suffield once mentioned the "stupidity of people" on #debian-devel
> at FreeNode. So, yes, it probably is. With any system.

Well I'm convinced. Andrew Suffield once said something on IRC. Has it really 
come to this?

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