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Re: obvious packages missing from debian?

On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 10:10:47PM -0600, Graham Wilson wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 06:00:11PM -0800, Edward S. Peschko wrote:
> > For example: libiconv. Nowhere in main or contrib, nor in packages for 1386. 
> I believe it is a part of glibc.

well, it might be, but it has its own separate project - 


as well as it should be. 

glibc is *notoriously* unportable. Not available on anything outside Hurd and Linux.
The porting page says:

'It should be possible without many problems to port the GNU libc to modern systems
(like solaris)'

but it doesn't look like any of the developers have bothered. And considering that
I've only needed it for a couple of fringe projects on solaris, its not really worth

libiconv on the other hand, is used by quite a few gnu projects..

> > Also, not all binary packages have sources associated with them.
> Which packages are those?

hmm. I might have been mistaken about this.. I'm going to check more thoroughly.


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