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obvious packages missing from debian?


I've been working a bit more with debian a bit more, and am noticing a few 
discrepancies in the package lists.

For example: libiconv. Nowhere in main or contrib, nor in packages for 1386. 

Also, not all binary packages have sources associated with them.

These two things seem to be a big omission. Is this a simple oversight on my part,
or are they simply missing due to lack of resources/resolve?



	ps - 
	Also, I've been doing a bit of work with cygwin (cygwin via debian perhaps?)
	trying to build them from sources, and noticed that the packages there have a 
	different naming convention ( only 146 out of 393 packages match names. )

	I'm assuming this simply a fact from the two evolving separately, but is there 
	a cygwin => debian translation map out there somewhere?

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