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Re: OT: Being and acting

Zenaan Harkness <zen@freedbms.net> wrote:

>> you will be it.
> "Acting as if" to recreate yourself ('raise your consciousness',
> 'improve your phisiology', or whatever you want to call it), is
> different to "acting like an idiot" in a calculated way.
> However 'acting like an idiot' without realising you are doing so (ie.
> in an uncalculated way) may in fact be 'being' an idiot.

Being an idiot is not acting like an idiot once in a year but a
full-time job. It is acting always like an idiot.

In others words, when you say "this guy is an idiot", you are saying
"this guy is always acting like an idiot", which is drastically
different than saying "this guy is currently, on this subject, acting
like an idiot".

Mathieu Roy

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