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proftpd-mysql 1.2.9-2 mod_quotatab_sql

Hello guys,
I am new to debian, and not that sure whether this is the appropriate list
to write this. If not please point me one to post my notice there.

I use proftpd-mysql 1.2.9-2 testing distro package and found bug in
mod_quotatab_sql module. My investigation points that there is already
official patch fixing unpropriate printf handling available trough the
latest mod_quotatab_sql module source in the proftpd cvs server under

I've attached the patch for the bug, generated using: cvs diff -r1.1 -r1.2

Maybe it's not a bad idea to upgrade the current testing distro
proftpd-mysql 1.2.9-2 package with patched module since it's unable to
appropriate use sql quotas with the current package.


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