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Re: proftpd-mysql 1.2.9-2 mod_quotatab_sql

Scripsit "Jerome Walters" <jeronimo@fixity.net>

> I am new to debian, and not that sure whether this is the appropriate list
> to write this. If not please point me one to post my notice there.

The appropriate way to report bugs in Debian is to use the Debian Bug
Tracking System. It responds to specially-forwarded mails sent to
submit(at)bugs.debian.org. There is a HOWTO at

For a quick start, install the 'reportbug' package, and use the
reportbug command.

> I've attached the patch for the bug, generated using: cvs diff -r1.1 -r1.2
> contrib/mod_quotatab_sql.c

Please file a bug report in the BTS, unless the proftpd maintainer
tells you that he has picked up your patch before you get around to it.

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