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Re: ntp 4.2.0 in experimental

su, 2004-02-15 kello 05:06, Matthias Urlichs kirjoitti:
> No, sorry. We decided to remove debconf entirely because there are
> basically two classes of people using ntp:
> - People who have their own NTP network. They need to do hand-edit
> /etc/ntp.conf to do some customization (subnet broadcast, secret
> keys, ACLs...) anyway.
> - People who don't. Most of them can happily use pool.ntp.org as their NTP
> server, which is the default we're shipping with => no debconf needed.

I can imagine a third class of people:

- People who don't want random workstations directly accessing the
Internet needlessly. They would run their own NTP server, which syncs
with the outside world and have their workstations sync off their own

Note that there is no "NTP network" being set up, just a single
(possibly double) internal NTP server.

The motivation for this could be security or a desire to avoid wasting
external bandwidth. If you would use debconf with a low priority
question for setting up the desired NTP server, with pool.ntp.org as a
default, things would be simpler for this third class of users, I think.

(These people would probably also set up a WWW cache for browsing the
Internet and some kind of ssh-via-socks server for ssh use. At the
extreme end of this type of setup, the workstations do not have any IP
level connection to the Internet.)


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