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Re: Future of linux-wlan-ng?

Andreas Barth wrote:
> linux-wlan-ng has a RC-bug and is orphaned. On the other hand, I don't
> know enough about this package to see whether it's still useful. Joey
> has written in his orphaning:
> | I don't know if it will make sense to have this package in debian after
> | 2.6 is out and/or the hostap drivers go into the 2.4.2x series, which I
> | think they might. wlan-ng and hostap serve fairly overlapping purposes.
> So, my question is: What's the future of this package?

At the moment I think it's still needed for a few cards.

I doubt that bug has reason to be grave; the version of linux-wlan-ng in
unstable builds fine with 2.4 kernels, it is not suprising that it (like
many other modules) does not build against 2.6.

see shy jo

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