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Re: Packages still using old-style debconf

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> Quoting Andreas Metzler (ametzler@logic.univie.ac.at):

>> > And we still have maintainers refusing to apply Colin Watson's
>> > po-debconf backporting helper to their packages.

>> Imho the whole approach is rather messy, in retrospect it might have
>> been easier if the "new style" templates did not use the same
>> filename, but that's is crying over spilt milk.

> Sure.

> However, I don't really understand why maintainer who want to preserve
> backportability are reluctant at using Colin's magic....This works
> like a charm and the only thing you have to do is looking to
> debian/rules for a package already using Colin's magic....:-)

It is messy/ugly. ;-) I have to replace the single line
"dh_installdebconf" with conditional and explicit po2debconf
invocation. - I would not add this to a package that just has two
small templates.[1]

As noted before (perl -pi -e 's/^_+//' templates) po-debconf does not
make backporting difficult, packages always using latest and greatest
debhelper features are a _lot_ worse, they require backported
debhelper or rewriting parts of debian/rules.

> This is a pretty small effort, while po-debconf is a huge
> improvement for i18n in Debian. Without po-debconf, none of the
> languages currently running over 50% of translation ratio could have
> reached it.

I won't argue against that, using gettext was the right the decision,
it nicely takes care of a a lot of problems, including charset
              cu andreas
PS: exim4 has 12 complete translation in CVS, 9 in sid. ;-)
[1] Which is why cdrecord does not include the magic and exim4 does.
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