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Re: Packages still using old-style debconf

Quoting Andreas Metzler (ametzler@logic.univie.ac.at):

> > And we still have maintainers refusing to apply Colin Watson's
> > po-debconf backporting helper to their packages.
> Imho the whole approach is rather messy, in retrospect it might have
> been easier if the "new style" templates did not use the same
> filename, but that's is crying over spilt milk.


However, I don't really understand why maintainer who want to preserve
backportability are reluctant at using Colin's magic....This works
like a charm and the only thing you have to do is looking to
debian/rules for a package already using Colin's magic....:-)

This is a pretty small effort, while po-debconf is a huge improvement
for i18n in Debian. Without po-debconf, none of the languages
currently running over 50% of translation ratio could have reached it.

Anyway, I stop whining as Martin status page and the mail which
started this thread already reached their goal : we currently have
several packages "po-debconf switches" per day....

(and french translation ratio felt below 98%...:-))

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