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Re: How to search for uploads on buildd.net/org and incoming

Andreas Metzler said:

> Next question: Why isn't there a canonical to interact with the
> buildd-admins?

Don't know, but that would a good idea as it was also expressed by another
buildd admin to have dedicated ML where such announcements like the move of
w-b to another machine would be announced in advance.

> Developer's reference seems to suggest using the respective port
> mailinglists (e.g. debian-arm), however this simply does not work
> reliably, it looks like not all buildd admins are reading the
> respective lists.

That's why I try to collect the buildd admins email addresses on buildd.net.
But I can only put on there, what I know and what other people tell me to
publish there.
When a buildd admin don't want to cooperate to make the service of buildds
more usuable to the users and maintainers, there's nothing I can do about it.

> If you do not believe me check e.g. the recent archives for s390 (no
> blame intended, just the first thing I stumbled upon). - Almost every
> mail asking for "please retry...", "please requeue ..." or "blah can
> be safely retried now" has simply been left unanswered.

There are other archs that are frequently been asked to rebuilt this and that
and where there is no response as well. I'm glad to say, that our "beloved
doorstopper" arch m68k is not one of them, but indeed I've heard from several
DDs that m68k is one of the most responsive and helpful archs.
Maybe the other archs should use m68k as an example for cooperation and workflow?

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      Ingo  \X/    so many.  I stand among them." (D. Haynie)

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