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Re: Top 5 things that aren't in Debian but should be :-)

Yes, and that's why I think such tool must follow some rules.. and the
first is "never throw away manually-made changes"...

Just to reorganize, What I've said at the start of the thread was extend
debconf to provide an interactive interface, following the way debconf
works today (I mean, still being package-related)...

Em Qua, 2004-02-04 às 19:05, Andreas Metzler escreveu:
> Arthur de Jong <adejong@debian.org> wrote:
> >> Let's remember, though, that debconf is there for installation only; not
> >> for ongoing maintenance.
> > I thought debconf was for asking package configuration questions, not just
> > for installation. Of course package and/or system installation time is the
> > most important time to ask neccesary questions, but that does not rule out
> > other times (upgrades, removes, reconfigure).
> Ok, rephrased: "Debconf offers a nice way to ask questions and get
> answers in maintainerscripts."
> > You can configure my package (cvsd) almost completely with
> > dpkg-reconfigure (some debugging stuff is only possible with a text
> > editor).
> > I know debconf is developed for prompting on installation but it has
> > grown into something much more, mostly due to it's simple and
> > flexible design.
> [...]
> Hello!
> Asking questions is only one side of the problem, preserving and
> integrating user changes _outside_ debconf is the other (often _much_
> harder) one, and is still left completely to the maintainer.
> The point the author of <[🔎] 20040204163949.GC15463@complete.org> was
> probably trying to make is this:
> A package foo without debconf but sane defaults in a dpkg-conffile
> /etc/foo.conf is about a gazillion times better than one that allows
> to configure a subset of the options with debconf and whose first
> debconf question is:
> | Configure /etc/foo.conf with debconf? Any changes outside debconf
> | will be lost.
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