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Re: Top 5 things that aren't in Debian but should be :-)

Arthur de Jong <adejong@debian.org> wrote:
>> Let's remember, though, that debconf is there for installation only; not
>> for ongoing maintenance.

> I thought debconf was for asking package configuration questions, not just
> for installation. Of course package and/or system installation time is the
> most important time to ask neccesary questions, but that does not rule out
> other times (upgrades, removes, reconfigure).

Ok, rephrased: "Debconf offers a nice way to ask questions and get
answers in maintainerscripts."

> You can configure my package (cvsd) almost completely with
> dpkg-reconfigure (some debugging stuff is only possible with a text
> editor).

> I know debconf is developed for prompting on installation but it has
> grown into something much more, mostly due to it's simple and
> flexible design.

Asking questions is only one side of the problem, preserving and
integrating user changes _outside_ debconf is the other (often _much_
harder) one, and is still left completely to the maintainer.

The point the author of <[🔎] 20040204163949.GC15463@complete.org> was
probably trying to make is this:

A package foo without debconf but sane defaults in a dpkg-conffile
/etc/foo.conf is about a gazillion times better than one that allows
to configure a subset of the options with debconf and whose first
debconf question is:
| Configure /etc/foo.conf with debconf? Any changes outside debconf
| will be lost.
             cu andreas
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