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Re: Apt and rsync... I know...

Doug Holland wrote:

> I suggest that rsync files be precalculated, so rsync downloads don't
> have to be crunched on the fly.  The servers would store .deb files -
> foo-x.y.z.deb, and they would store the rsync diffs between it and the
> previous version - foo.x.y.z-1_x.y.z.rsdeb.  That way, if the user
> doing an apt-get upgrade has the previous .deb file in his cache, apt
> would download the rsync diff file instead of the full .deb, saving
> loads of bandwidth, and since the rsyncs are precomputed and cached,
> the servers don't get hosed.

I'm not sure if rsync is the right format for that.  VCDIFF (RFC 3284)
should result in smaller deltas and less CPU overhead.  However, I don't
know of any free implementation (Subversion has code that does something
very similar, though).  The format itself is not encumbered by patents,

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