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Re: Architecture distribution in Debian according to popcon

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> Well, i had to fake the MAILFROM lines, i didn't know about that, and i
> guess many people also don't know about that. This means popcon will
> really target mostly only the boxes which are able to receive mail, and
> have real email addresses for root.

Why "receive"? I thought popularity-contest only tried to send mail to
apenwarr-survey (**at**) debian (**dot**) org (at least with the version
in woody). Am I mistaken?

In that case, you only receive mails if the above address has been
unreachable for some time. So, in case you cannot receive mail, well,
you might miss a popcon submission if you happen to do it while the
aforementioned address is unreachable. Doesn't look scary to me.



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