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Re: w3m -> standard, lynx -> optional

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 07:42:11 +0100
Petr Baudis <pasky@ucw.cz> wrote:
> > (For those who aren't familiar with it, elinks doesn't expire cached
> > pages, you need to manually reload them. What's more, multiple elinks
> > instances share the same cache, so if you've got some forgotten instance
> > running somewhere with a page you're trying to view already loaded,
> > you'll possibly get a very outdated page.)
> Actually, it is going to get good caching support in just few days in
> CVS, but I suppose it will take few weeks to hit the releases...  (In
> fact, it is OTOH the thing which frequently makes ELinks "feel a lot
> faster" on slow links, as someone said here. ;-)

Can't cheat to get it though ;)

I'll keep an eye on CVS - when I see some caching stuff hit, I'll test
it out.

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