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Courier Debian Packages: Testers, Bug Squashing and Powerpc Build Help

Dear Courier users and Debian developers !

Sam Varshavchik, the author of the Courier Mail Server Suite, is currently
working on the 0.45 release. He has published a couple of development 
builds, which is the base for the Debian packages I'm working on.

Besides the integration of the upstream changes I squeezed quite a number
of bugs. To speed up the improvements, I would like to ask Debian+Courier
users to assist me with:

* testing
* bug squashing
* help on powerpc build (see

Experimental packages are aptable (sid and woody builds) from:

deb http://debian.cobolt.net/ courier-sid main
deb http://debian.cobolt.net/ courier-dev woody

Current version is

Please contact me first to allow me better coordination of testing/bug
squashing efforts.


LinuXia Systems => http://www.linuxia.de/
Expert Interchange Consulting and System Administration
ICDEVGROUP => http://www.icdevgroup.org/
Interchange Development Team

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