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Re: Not usefull kernel images take all first Debian sarge CD :(

Nathanael Nerode dijo [Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 03:02:45PM -0500]:
> In the case of the 386 architecture in particular:
> * the 386 kernel is no good for SMP machines (due to emulation of the 486 
> locking instructions) and is quite a bit slower than needed on 486+ machines
> * the 486+ kernels don't work on 386 machines
> So we need at least two kernels in that case.  From what I can tell the rest 
> of the optimized kernel versions don't make such a significant difference -- 
> although if debian-installer cleverly installs the "right" one, I guess we 
> need them all on the first CD.

Ummm... Try booting your 386 from the CD :-)

If you take the time to prepare floppies for a 386 installation, I
think you might still get a kernel from the net, from a second CD or
something similar. I don't doubt we have many more SMP than 386


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