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Re: Module autoloading no longer work with kernel 2.6.x


On 2004-01-28 16:24 +0100, Nikolaus Rath wrote:
> Hello,
> Since I installed kernel 2.6.0, module autoloading no longer works. I
> thought this was a kernel bug, but it still persists in 2.6.1. I
> installed the latest (unstable) module-init-tools and purged modutils.
> Manually loading the modules with modprobe works fine.
> I'm using devfs with the latest devfsd. 

Exactly the same problem that I had when switching to 2.6.0 (some
early test version).

> Anyone with an idea where the error might be?

Can you please verify that you have a file /etc/modprobe.d/{some file
that sounds like devfs, '1devfs' at my system} which should look sth

------- snip ---------
alias /dev/discs/* /dev/discs
alias /dev/cdroms/* /dev/cdroms
alias /dev/cdrom /dev/cdroms

install /dev/cdroms /sbin/modprobe ide-scsi; /sbin/modprobe sr_mod; /sbin/modprobe ide-probe-mod; /sbin/modprobe ide-cd; /sbin/modprobe cdrom; /bin/true
------- snip ---------

I suppose there isn't one at your system. I did not have this file
when the problem occurred to me, but I copied it from a position I
unfortunately forgot to /etc/modprobe.d/1devfs, called update-modules
and everything worked then.

If the file _is_ present at your system, then it is probably just
misconfigured. Please attach it for analysis then.


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