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Module autoloading no longer work with kernel 2.6.x


Since I installed kernel 2.6.0, module autoloading no longer works. I
thought this was a kernel bug, but it still persists in 2.6.1. I
installed the latest (unstable) module-init-tools and purged modutils.

Manually loading the modules with modprobe works fine.

I'm using devfs with the latest devfsd. 

Some examples for modules that don't autoload: loop, floppy,
snd-emu10k1, lp, cdrom

The interesting fact is that on an initrd with same kernel and
module-init-tools the autoloading of the xfs module works correctly. I
can't test if the xfs and dm-mod module always works because / is xfs and I can't
test if other modules work in the initrd because it is to small but I
expect that the modules would all load fine in the initrd.

Anyone with an idea where the error might be?

Thanks in advance,


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