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Re: 185 Packages that look orphaned

Sorry if it's already been replied, I'm not up-to-date...

Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

> Hi,


> I looked through the differences between testing and unstable and
> picked out everything older than 100 days. Reasons why those packages
> are not in testing are:
> - non-free / contrib packages nobody tried to compile
> - FTBFS or RC bugs
> - possibly failure of the testing script to detect it
> - other packages hold you back (get involved in those other packages)
> Noone has cared enough about these packages to get them compiled,
> fixed or pushed into sarge so I am assuming the packages don't have a
> caring maintainer or fan community. Ergo they should be orphaned.

About every Java packages, they are not going in contrib because most
depends on j2sdk1.(3|4) so, they are in contrib. THEY ARE NOT BROKEN!
They just need a non-free JDK to build or to run.

> If you maintain one of thses packages then tell me (including the
> names of packages you maintain) during the next week. If you are using
> one of these packages and could maintain (or NMU some fixes) you
> should contact the maintainer and me to work things out. If I hear
> nothing about a package soon I will start with the oldest and do a few
> packages every day.

If you can make the one I'll point you, come one, go ahead!

> argouml

At the moment, argouml is 0.14. It's the latest stable release of the
software and stuck in unstable because it needs j2sdk1.(3|4). If you
wanna write some of the Swing classes to fill the 'classpath' project
gaps, feel free to do it.

> ibm-jdk1.1-installer

Isn't it marked REMOVE? I think we already have some discussions about
it and IBM does not provide this jdk.

> jikes-contrib

should be resolved

> commons-beanutils jetty libjcommon-java libjfreechart-java
> libjfreereport-java libpixie-java libstruts1.1-java

I think for some, it's a j2sdk problem and if not, they depends on java
packages that are stuck by the non-free jdk.

> saxon-catalog

I'll be working on next week, I'm talking with Mark.

But please. We do read the lists!.. Do not mail everyone! Also,
personally, I have a lot of work at the moment, but you can notice that
I'm moving every packages to my debian email address. Only
libgnujaxp-java (which I'm also working on upstream) and argouml do use
my work address.


 : :' :rnaud
 `. `'  

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