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Re: libgnutls transition plan (cupsys)

Kenshi Muto wrote:
> Currently we have many packages using libgnutls7. Of course libgnutls7
> and libgnutls10 can coexist. But I think it is better that other
> packages communicate with cupsys by TLS transit to newer libgnutls.

Don't forget that libgnutls7 and libgnutls10 have versioned symbols,
so it should be possible to have an executable that is linked (maybe
indirectly via cupsys) to both.

There are still packages that are linked against libgnutls5, which
should be the first target to eliminate.  When gnutls5 is gone,
gnutls7 will be next, but I doubt it will happen before sarge is

libgnutls10 is less tested, as Andreas Metzler pointed out.  Of course
I encourage people to use gnutls10 in favor of gnutls7, the API is
backwards compatible -- there have only been additions to it.  But
it's just too early to force a switch to gnutls10, IMHO.


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