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Re: libgnutls transition plan (cupsys)

Kenshi Muto <kmuto@debian.org> wrote:
> Ivo released newest version, libgnutls10 (GNU TLS library). Thanks
> your good job, Ivo.

> Because libgnutls10 looks be well supported by upstream, I'm planning
> my packages "cupsys" will transit from libgnutls7 to libgnutls10 by
> next upload.

> Currently we have many packages using libgnutls7. Of course libgnutls7
> and libgnutls10 can coexist. But I think it is better that other
> packages communicate with cupsys by TLS transit to newer libgnutls.

> Any comments?

Please wait at least until libgnutls10 and dependencies have made it
into sarge (there already seems to be manual intervention necessary,
mutt, gnutls and a bunch of other packages have to be ready at the
same time.)

Speaking with exim4-hat on: I have no plans currently to migrate to
gnutls10 before sarge's release. GnuTLS10 is brand-new in Debian and
compared to gnutls7 a lot less tested. Additionally I thought we were
trying to make a release real soon(TM) and switching library versions
(of libraries that are used by other libraries) has the potential of
influencing testing rather badly.
    cu andreas, not directly involved in the relase, just an
                outsider's POV.
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