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Re: bootsplash in debian kernel

Chris Cheney writes:

>> Herbert's attitude that things that are currently done in kernel
>> space that can be done in user space instead should be done in user
>> space is all well and good, I have no major problem with it, other
>> than the fact that the wheel has already been invented in a lot of
>> cases with it being done in kernel space, and Herbert being
>> insistent that it be done in user space isn't always the most
>> practical.

> Its always been the attitude that things that can be done in
> userspace should be done in userspace. Note that bootsplash isn't in
> the "kernel" otherwise you wouldn't need Herbert to apply a
> patch. Even devfs is going away now and being replaced by a
> userspace daemon, udev. Also Caldera's gui bootup was done in
> userspace using a special init (iirc).  That said I would really
> like Debian to have a prettier bootup, I just agree with Herbert
> that it should be done right. In the past it has been done in
> userspace so it seems that it is possible to do it right in
> userspace.

IIUC, doing it right requires quite a lot more work than using the
existing kernel-based, and arguably "wrong" approach.  Is it then not
an option to adopt the existing kernel-based approach temporarily,
until someone invests the work required to do it right ?


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