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Re: bootsplash in debian kernel

On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 07:37:52PM -0600, Chris Cheney wrote:

> I think he is saying that bootsplash shouldn't even require a kernel
> module to begin with so should be rewritten to properly make use of
> fbcon, hence "the same thing can be done in userspace" comment. When
> something can be done in userspace just as well as in kernelspace it
> should be done in userspace. If there are things bootsplace needs to do
> that can't be done in userspace or with fbcon then speak up...

Herbert's attitude that things that are currently done in kernel space that
can be done in user space instead should be done in user space is all well
and good, I have no major problem with it, other than the fact that the
wheel has already been invented in a lot of cases with it being done in
kernel space, and Herbert being insistent that it be done in user space
isn't always the most practical.

I'd like to be able to pretty up the kernel booting experience with a
framebuffer logo, for example, which I believe still "just works" if you
don't modularise framebuffer support, but doesn't work if you do. Herbert's
opinion (and it's fair enough) is that this should be done in user space
(I'm not quite sure how you achieve spitting out a logo early in the boot
process, I guess have it in the initrd), but it takes work to achieve the
user space alternative to an already existing kernel space "feature".


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