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Re: Build-depends method

On 20040125T112907-0800, Shaun Jackman wrote:
> When packaging a new package, what's a methodical way to find *all* 
> its Build-Depends packages?

What I do is I get familiar with the package.  I read upstream notes
about required packages, I read through the configure.in or
configure.ac, if any, checking for which libraries and programs are
being looked for, I read Makefiles, I look at each source file,
searching for #includes or imports that do not belong to the standard
packages and so on.  And yes, I look at shlibdeps output :)

IMHO the "building in a chroot" method suggested by others is not a
substitute for this.  For one thing, a missing build-time dependency may
cause the configuration script to disable a feature instead of aborting
the build.  Also, if building in a chroot is the only method used,
important information required to make a good Build-Depends line is
missing: you should list packages *you* need, not what your other
build-time depends need, and there is no information helping in choosing an
appropriate versioned build-depends, which is a policy requirement (one
that is often hard to follow even with my method but nearly impossible
without it).

I generally don't build in a chroot, and I rarely get
Build-Depends-related FTBFS bugs; and those that I do get frequently are
of the kind that I would not have caught if I had built in a chroot.
However, building in a chroot never hurts, if you have a setup that
makes it easy.

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, Debian developer 


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