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Re: (forw) Debconf abuse by several packages

Joey Hess wrote:

In the case of disctionaries-common, there exist debconf variables taken
from d-i for the user's preferred language and country; it should be
easy to use those to eliminate the question about which dictionary to
use as default.

Are they available for upgrades? In my sid box

/var/cache/debconf# grep debian-installer config.dat templates.dat
config.dat:Name: debian-installer/keymap
config.dat:Template: debian-installer/keymap
templates.dat:Name: debian-installer/keymap
templates.dat:Extended_description: This is a dummy item, containing the value of debian-installer/keymap from the debian-installer cdebconf database.
templates.dat:Owners: debian-installer/keymap

Also note that it is not always easy to guess a reasonable default, people having a locale selected at d-i might want to use aspell for that language and so not have any ispell dict installed for that language, but have another ispell dicts installed. The current behavior with DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive is to keep current selection if any or select the first (alphabetically sorted) choice if not, and I think that is what we will get if the priority is lowered.

On the other hand, current dictionaries-common questions are debconf shared questions owned by either the ispell dictionaries or the wordlists, although for easier maintainance the templates are in dictionaries-common. Any change in this should be carefully designed since it must be done in all .config files for each class.



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