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Announce: buildd stats, infos, contacts

For years there has been a page for the m68k buildd people showing some
statistics and additional information. Many people asked if these pages can
be made available for other archs as well. 

After the generation of these pages (the scripts were written by Rick
Younie, thanks Rick!) needed more and more time to finish on
crest.debian.org, these pages were moved to a faster machine and finally
covered all other archs, too. 

Basically, these pages are generated by the info that can be found on
http://buildd.debian.org/stats/ that is operated by Ryan Murray. Although
you can find the same information on both pages, some people may find it
easier to find their need info either on one page or the other. Choose
yourself! Anyway, big thanks have to go to Ryan for making the wanna-build
data available on the web!

Well, after these introductory words, here it is:


The intention is to offer you a guide to the buildd infrastructure of the
Debian Project. You can find some general information and the arch specific
pages, where you can find some interesting stuff about the buildds of that

Please note that not all data is complete. The most completely covered arch
is m68k. For other archs I had no data about the buildds themselves, the
contact address of the buildds. 
Therefore, I kindly ask the buildd admins to send me the missing data, so
that I can add them on those pages. Thank you!

Some already reported wishes:
- display the wanna-build status of a package for all archs
- ...

I hope you appreciate these pages. See it as a "thank you" by me for you all
who are working to make Debian possible!

Ciao...              // 
      Ingo         \X/

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