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I suggest debian take this project :
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From: "Mike A. Harris" <mharris@www.linux.org.uk>
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 5:44 PM
Subject: [XFree86] Re: Re: Improvement

> So, Xconfigurator wont be coming back in our OS at least, however
> the source code is dual licensed GPL and MIT, so anyone can hack
> at it if they desire.  If someone in the OSS community is
> interested in any way of rekindling Xconfigurator as a
> sourceforge or other project, feel free to contact me about this,
> and I don't think there will be any problem reassigning the
> source code to someone else.  ;o)  Be sure to actually LOOK at
> the sources first before committing to such an effort however,
> and make sure you've got a barf bag handy.  ;o)

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