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Re: Upcoming Debian multiarch support (amd64, sparc64, s390x, mips64) [affects sarge slightly]

claus@xn--frber-gra.muc.de (Claus Färber) writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> schrieb/wrote:
> > Changing the commonly accepted position of libs and binaries means a
> > change to every package in debian, [...]
> > With the /lib64/ changes it is trivial to change the actual path for
> > the libs, since dpkg-libinfo (to be merged into dpkg-architecture)
> > provides the path.
> You're not telling me that a change from /lib/ to /lib64 (or /lib32,
> /libn32 on MIPS) is "trivial" but a change to /lib-<arch> "means a
> change to every package in debian", are you?

I' saying that if lib64 (the path reported back by dpkg-libinfo) is
patched into debian packages simply changing the output returned by
dpkg-libinfo from lib64 to lib/64 or lib-md64 and a recompile of every
package will do the move. The amount of work for lib is the same but
lib64 is the defacto standard and backward compatible.

> And I was not talking to change the position of "libs and binaries",
> only of .so files. Maybe you should re-read my proposal in
> <mid:[🔎] 90oM4YWJcDD@gmane.3247.org>; you obviously have gotten it wrong.

Ok, thats good. Moving binaries opens a can of worms.

I hope we can agree on the following:

1. The actual path for the libraries does not affect the problem

2. Since the path will come from dpkg-libinfo (probably merged into
dpkg-architecture soon) its trivial to change at any time and


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