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Attempted sarge status report -- 2004/01/04

First the general good news: jack-audio-connection-kit and friends went in. So did apache and friends. These are the last of the great dependency chain holdups (althogh there are still some other smaller ones, some of which I mention below).

RC bugs in general
RC bugs for sarge are basically holding at 312 (see http://bts.turmzimmer.net/list.html). A lot of these are unfortunately long-open bugs in undermaintained packages.

* Please consider NMUing any package on this list with its bugs marked 'patch'. Yes, that includes dpkg. (Gah.)

* If you have access to one of the less popular architectures, please
reexamine old FTBFS bugs to see if they still apply with the newest tools (and if so put a note in the bug trail). Sometimes packages continue to FTBFS, but change the *way* in which they do, which is also useful information. A large number of the bugs are FTBFS bugs.

* A certain number of bugs are "easy packaging bugs", like 227089 and 226805. I'll make patches for some of them if I get around to it, but other people might like to do so too.

* More packages of the utterly-defective variety will need to be removed from sarge and/or sid: I'm working on this, as is the esteemed DPL, but the more people working on this, the better. Send thoughts to debian-qa@lists.debian.org so other people can review them. :-)

* If you want a more challenging project, work on one of the bugs which *doesn't* fall into these categories; there aren't actually that many. Or even better, review the recent messages about lm-sensors, try out all (or some of) the possible solutions, and report back. See below. :-)

No progress, although some more options were discussed. Still needs to be dealt with. Probably the biggest single outstanding issue. :-/

Regressed due to new upstream versions.

* kdelibs 3.1.5 triggers GCC bugs not triggered by kdelibs 3.1.4.
* qt-x11-free 3.2.3 hasn't been tried on m68k yet.  Neither has arts 1.1.5.
* Lots of new builds needed for new upstream versions.  :(

It's also affected by the lm-sensors problems, and it looks like
nothing in KDE will go in without manual intervention until they're fixed.

kdeartwork, kdemultimedia, and kdeaddons are *still* at 2.2 versions in 'sarge'.


* libxslt has recurring problems, but they appear to have been fixed today
* It looks like all that's needed is a few more builds.

* alpha: Close to working (mostly, an aboot-installer package is needed). Steve Langasek is working on this.
* arm: Not working.  Nobody working on it.
* hppa: Mostly working, needs a lot of fixes. I think someone is working on this, but I can't remember who. * i386: In good shape. ("Beta", one might say.) Works for most people; lots of little bugs being fixed quite efficiently.
* ia64: Basically working, but needs a little extra work.  (See
* m68k: Not working.  Nobody working on it.
* mips: Status unknown. Again, I think someone is working on this, but I can't remember who. * mipsel: Status unknown. Again, I think someone is working on this, but I can't remember who.
* powerpc: Some subarches great, others need more work; see
* s390: Not working, but s390 seems to go from broken to perfect really
fast, so I'm not about to count it out.
* sparc: Status unknown. Again, I think someone is working on this, but I can't remember who. * Looks like there's no chance of any additional architectures being released with sarge, since none of them have had debian-installer ports that work yet.

Porters, if you want d-i to work on your machine, please consider working on it. :-/ At the moment, I see no chance of m68k or arm releasing with sarge; and some of the others are pretty questionable.

* message translations in excellent shape; many 100% complete
* discover NMUed and taken over, now in good shape
* 2.6 kernel support in progress, close to working
* Currently debian-installer uses devfs; looks like this may change due
to complaints
* manual something like 70% complete

* RC bugs in glibc almost fixed (all pending)
* two RC bugs left in linux-kernel-headers so far

New ones keep showing up, but perhaps we will get ahead of them.  :-)

In good shape. Has a number of 'important' bugs, but if they bite you, you should probably try to work around them.

C++ transition
In good shape, though I can't tell for sure since
http://people.debian.org/~willy/ is still down.
Willy?  :-)

Mips kernel upgrade path
Was this solved by the glibc people?  I'm unclear on this point.

X Window System
No change.
* Current packages basically work.
* 4.3 pacakges close to being as good
* Difficult RC bugs remain (all of which existed in woody as well)

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