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RE: Upcoming Debian multiarch support (amd64, sparc64, s390x,mips64) [affects sarge slightly]

Le lun 12/01/2004 à 15:22, Julian Mehnle a écrit :
> The reason why we did not want to create a completely separate arch for
> amd64 was that every self-contained arch consumes huge quantities of space
> since almost all arch-dependant binary packages have to be duplicated for
> the arch.

Well, that makes a new arch, right. If this is becoming too much for our
mirrors, they already have the choice to drop some architectures. I
don't think there is an issue if we keep only a few mirrors for e.g.
m68k or mips, when we are so few to use them. And don't forget some
arches are likely to be dropped for sarge if they don't have a working

> But in the case of amd64 (and some other archs), many packages
> can be reused from legacy archs without significant performance penalties,
> so only few packages (where it makes sense performance-wise) would need to
> be recompiled for amd64.

This is true for mips64, s390x and sparc64, but - correct me if this is
wrong - amd64 code is slightly faster than pure i386 code, excepted in
some corner cases.
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