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Re: Need someone to take over two of my packages

Patrick Ouellette wrote:

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 11:15:50AM -0500, Dale Scheetz wrote:
Seesat5 is a package I ported from DOS. There is no upstream other than myself and I have several major enhansements I would like to do on the package, but can not find both

I've been looking for a reason to get active on the ham sats.  I can
take a whack at Seesat5.  Forward you enhancement ideas and some might
even get implemented :-)

Works for me ;-)

Actually with someone handling maintanance of the package I hope to dedicate some time to a re-write. The current code uses a common pointer to the command stream that each routine uses to collect its parameters. There is no error recovery in this design. It has been my intention to write a lex/yacc parser to replace the old design. This requires restructuring main and modifying all the command routines to accept the parameters passed to it by the parser. Then all error recovery and syntax checking are provided by the parser. One side effect is I get a library of routines that can be as easily driven by a GUI
like Glade etc...

On the other hand, one of the things lacking in the package is a dependency on wget and some scripts to fetch the latest .tle files from configurable source sites. This would be a job I would be happy to let
the new maintainer of the package design and build...

Let me know if you're still interested and we can continue this discussion in private e-mail.

Waiting is,


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